Do You Want To Enhance Your Family's Wellbeing?

Everlief Parent Club is a brand new online membership for parents of children and teens aged 11+, brought to you by the team of child psychologists at Everlief Child Psychology.

Inside the private members' area you will have exclusive access to 2 live workshops per month, plus a supportive community forum and pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics.



Learn actionable strategies and tools for your child's mental health.



Develop confidence in your parenting skills.



Move closer to the family life you want.

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Everlief Parent Club Is An Online Membership With Expert Guidance From a Team of Child Psychologists.

For a monthly fee of £22 (and try the first month half price at £11!) you get:

1. TWO LIVE online workshops per month! Here are the workshops for the next 4 months:


Monday 4th July  | Building a positive relationship with your teen. | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Hayley Vaughan-Smith, person-centred counsellor |

| Thursday 14th July   | Q&A: Ask us anything! | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Dr Sue Wimshurst, clinical psychologist |

Monday 1st August | Managing technology (screen time and online safety). | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Dr Sue Wimshurst, clinical psychologist |

| Thursday 18th August | Q&A: Ask us anything! | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Dr Sue Wimshurst, clinical psychologist |

Monday 5th September | Mood swings, resolving conflict with your teen and staying calm. | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Carol Nolan, clinical nurse specialist |

| Thursday 15th Sept | Q&A: Ask us anything! | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Dr Sue Wimshurst, clinical psychologist |

Monday 3rd October | How to support a child who is not happy/thriving at school - including school-based anxiety. | Dr Adam Rossello, educational psychologist | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist |  

| Thursday 13th Oct | Q&A: Ask us anything! | Dr Marcelina Watkinson, clinical psychologist | Dr Sue Wimshurst, clinical psychologist |  


2. Pre-recorded videos and worksheets on specific topics inside your members' area. Areas include anxiety, managing boundaries, sleep and much more!

3. A Community Forum inside the membership where parents support one another. You can post questions and take part in discussions.

Meet The Professionals Behind

Everlief Parent Club 

In the last 10 years our team of 20+ child psychologists has supported more than 4000 families, along with dozens of local schools.

Now we want to bring that support online and make it more reachable for you, so that expert support is on hand at the click of a button.

Each workshop will be presented by two members of our devoted and highly skilled team.

Dr Lucy Russell

I am a parent myself and I work with children and families in my child psychology clinic, Everlief. I believe that every child can - and should - thrive, and I want to help you achieve that for your child. I'll help you take small concrete steps to the family life you deserve.

It's my mission to ensure that through Everlief Parent Club you will no longer feel overwhelmed or stuck as a parent.

I want you to feel supported and empowered and I want you to know exactly what is the best next step for your family.

Dr Marcelina Watkinson

My name is Dr Marcelina Watkinson and Im one of the clinical psychologists involved in Everlief Parent Club. One of my main passions is to support parents to better understand their children and teens, by shifting how they view and respond to the behaviours and struggles that they face. I love that some simple changes can often mean that the moments that are most challenging, can become the best opportunities for learning and closeness. I hope to speak to parents as a professional, and also as a mum who knows how hard it can be to navigate family life. See you there!

Dr Susan Wimshurst

I am a clinical psychologist and have worked with children, adolescents and families for 17 years both within the NHS and privately. I am a parent myself and have two boys so I understand both the joys and challenges parenting can bring! I will help you to think about the power of effective communication in parenting and how it can bring about positive change. By providing a validating safe space for discussion, I hope we can share experiences and encourage you to be compassionate towards yourselves, which in turn will help your child to grow and thrive. 

Dr Adam Rossello

I’m Adam, and I’m an Educational Psychologist. I’m a Lead Trainer of the Incredible Years parenting programme, which focuses on strengthening the capabilities of parents and fostering parent involvement in their children’s school experiences to promote their academic, social and emotional skills, and reduce challenging behaviours.  I have a specialism in supporting those who are disengaged from education and an interest in supporting adults to understand the behaviour of children and young people through psychology. 

Hayley Vaughan-Smith

I am a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor working with children and young adults at Everlief. 

I have worked in the mental health sector for the last 10 years as part of the Everlief team and now also work in private practice.  I have a particular interest in grief and bereavement counselling and currently provide services with Cruse Bereavement Care.

I am also a content writer for They Are The Future and I am mum to 3 grown-up and teenage girls.

Carol Nolan

Hi, I'm Carol, a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Registered Specialist Practitioner in Mental health.

I work with young people with a range of difficulties, including low mood, anxiety, psychosis, anger, low self esteem and behavioural difficulties. I enjoy supporting young people with neurodevelopmental differences. I have previously worked in many services including a Crisis and outreach team providing community support for hard to engage children and young people with complex mental health needs.

Everlief Parent Club Is For You If...

  • You want to improve your child's mental wellbeing and create a happier, well balanced family life.

  • You want to have access to expert guidance without waiting lists or hassle.

  • You want to be part of a supportive private community of like-minded parents.

It May Not Be For You If...

  • Your child has complex mental health needs and you are already supported by children's social care locally.

  • Your family is in severe crisis (for example, if there is domestic abuse or violence). You need one-on-one support.

  • You do not live in the UK.


Here are some testimonials from parents who have come to Everlief

“I just wanted to write to let you know what a huge difference Everlief’s work with my son has made to us. We are such a long way from where we were when we first came to see you and I am immensely grateful.”

Mrs G, mother

“Working with Everlief made a positive difference very quickly. Their advice was insightful but also realistic and practical and has really helped us to help our child.”

Mrs J, mother

“Thank you for all your help and support with our daughter over the last 6 months. Your help and structured approach has helped us all, as a family, work our way through the challenges we faced. Fingers crossed we are well on the way to normality – whatever that may be!”

Mrs T, mother
Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolment Opens Later Today!


Please check back later to sign up.