Embracing Autism

An online UK autism course for parents to help you support your recently diagnosed child.

This online course is also perfect for parents of children who are on a waiting list to be assessed for autism (autism spectrum disorder, also sometimes referred to as ASD or ASC - autism spectrum condition).

We Understand

The diagnosis is just the start. 

You want to help your child to thrive in their mental health, happiness, social interaction and life skills.

You want all the adults around your child to understand what they can do to support them.

But you don't know where to begin and you feel overwhelmed.

We Can Help

You need clear information so that you can create a plan of action for your child.

You need practical strategies and practical ways to manage the everyday situations you are facing.

You need a source of information you can trust.

You need to be able to ask questions and get answers from experienced professionals.

That's where we come in!


Easy-to-Follow Online Course

Seven modules, 1 released every Monday for 7 weeks. Each module covers a specific topic in depth. We look at how each topic relates to young children right through to young people up to 18 years of age.

Autism-focused parenting classes from our expert team on specific topics like sleep and managing challenging behaviours.

Live Workshop

A live and interactive Zoom workshop at the end of the course. Ask questions and receive guidance from our expert team including the best evidence-based practices to ensure positive outcomes for your child.

Comments and Questions

You can also ask questions or share your thoughts by commenting on the videos.

Early intervention can be crucial to your child's success and quality of life. We want to make sure you feel supported all the way through the course and we love it when you ask us questions!

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Helpful, practical advice from friendly experts who just "get" what its like to be parenting an autistic child. Makes you feel better equipped to support your child.

Nicki - Course Participant

How Does It Work?

When you sign up you get access to our online portal. A module is released every Monday for 7 weeks. Watch or listen to the videos on your computer or mobile device and at your own pace. Each module is a total of around an hour. 

We cover a wide range of topics:

1. All About Autism

2  Coping and Behaviour: School and Home

3 Sensory Processing (including Eating)

4 Social Communication and Interaction

5 Anxiety & Stress

6 Sensory and Emotional Regulation

7 Sleep 

At the end of the course, we will meet for a LIVE Q&A online workshop on Zoom in

Week 8: Live Zoom Q&A Workshop

Next one: Weds 29th November, 7.30-9pm

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet other parents of autistic children or just listen in. You'll develop a deeper understanding of your child through hearing about others' experiences.

Superb course that really helped me understand more about helping my autistic child following diagnosis.

 Previous Embracing Autism Participant



Dr Cassie Coleman

Consultant Community Paediatrician

Dr Marcelina Watkinson

Clinical Psychologist

Aimee Laming

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist

Nicola Paine

Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist


Dr Lucy Russell

Clinical Psychologist

The Embracing Autism course was very well laid out with informative and enlightening videos on a wide variety of topics. It was a wealth of information that was presented in a very accessible way, with room for going away and having a think then coming back to the information, all with an opportunity for asking questions and getting specific answers. I liked the conversation approach to the videos and felt that the material was delivered in appropriate doses. At the end of each topic, I came away feeling more informed and empowered, and the live zoom at the end was really helpful, not only for information but for assuring me that I was not the only parent facing challenges. Thank you Everlief for hosting this course. I highly recommend it.

Previous Embracing Autism Participant

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