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Sleep For Success

You can start to help your child straight away by getting started now.

Poor sleep affects so much:

  Mental health

  Focus & Concentration

  Anger & Moodiness

You are your child's parent and I know it can feel like you're helpless to help them - I promise you, you DO have what it takes to change their child's lifestyle and implement strategies effectively.

The Sleep For Success Course gives you the knowledge and tools you need.

This focused course guides you through exactly what to do to get your child more - and better - sleep.

You can get started straight away.....
even if you're on a waiting list for direct support.

Your presenter is Dr Lucy Russell - a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience working with children and teens and a mum of 2 teens, so you are in safe hands! If you have any questions you can email: [email protected]

Here are the areas we cover on the course: 

MODULE ONE: Introduction (3 lessons)

MODULE TWO: Body Sleep Science
(4 lessons)

MODULE THREE: Training the Brain (5 lessons)

MODULE FOUR: Daytime routine
(4 lessons)

MODULE FIVE: The Bedroom
(4 lessons)

MODULE SIX: Worry & Anxiety (3 lessons)

MODULE SEVEN: Wrapping it Up
(2 lessons)

You can get started straight away and complete the course in around 1 week at roughly 1 hour per day, or complete it in your own time!