In 30 Minutes Learn About Anxiety to Empower Your Child

Knowledge is Power: Understanding Anxiety Mini Course



I'm Dr Lucy Russell, a UK child clinical psychologist.

Dive into my focused mini course designed to demystify child anxiety for parents.

You'll understand what anxiety is and how and why it affects your child, laying the groundwork for deeper understanding and support. 

Build Your Confidence

Feel more assured in understanding and addressing your child's anxiety.

Enhance Your Communication 

Learn how to talk about anxiety with your child in a supportive and effective way. You can even show them the videos!

Gain Insight

Reflect on the underlying factors of your child's anxiety, creating opportunities to empathize, connect and take action.

Course Lessons 

  1. Evolution & Anxiety: Explore anxiety's roots and its role in modern childhood.
  2. The Iceberg: Uncover the hidden depths of anxiety beyond visible behaviours.
  3. Anxiety Curve: Learn how anxiety builds and passes.
  4. Anxiety & Anger: Discover the connection between anxiety and anger in children.
  5. The Hot Cross Bun: A tool for understanding the interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
  6. Triggers & Maintaining Factors: Identify what sparks and sustains your child's anxiety.
  7. Your Child's Hot Cross Bun: Apply the Hot Cross Bun model to your child's specific experiences.

This mini course is also included in my longer course, Outsmart Anxiety, which goes deeper into individualised strategies for your child. So if you take this Knowledge is Power mini course you will be have the option to upgrade afterwards to the more in-depth course if you choose.



Frequently Asked Questions


What ages is the workshop suitable for?

The course is aimed at parents of 6-17 year-old children.


Can I take the workshop if I am on a waiting list for face-to-face support for my child? 

Yes. The course is aimed at parents of children with mild to moderate anxiety issues.

It is not therapy but will give you information which will be helpful whilst you are waiting for face to face support.

If you are urgently concerned about your child you should see your GP or another health professional immediately.

How do I access the course?

When you sign up, you will receive an email giving you access to a private portal.

The workshop is inside the portal. 

If you still need help, email me: [email protected]